Twister dots
The game Twister® can be adapted for play by any age!

Idea #1:

Make or find beanbags. Seat players around the 4 edges of a Twister® mat. Use the game spinner and have players take turns tossing bean bags onto the colored circles as indicated by the spinner. Keep score as desired.

Idea #2:

Cut apart an extra Twister® game mat, cutting around the colorful circles. (Or create circles out of brightly colored paper) Tape the circles onto one or two tables in reach of players. Seat players around the table(s). Using the game spinner to call out a color, have players reach for and keep their hands on the appropriate colored circles. Establish rules and winners as desired.

Thanks to Julie Reginek and participants and the NAAP 2012 Dementia Seminar pre-conference for these ideas!

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