All About RTC

RTC, Recreation Therapy Consultants, is a leading provider of resources, training, and consultation to health and elder care professionals. Founded in 1986 by Michele Nolta, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, RTC has enjoyed over 25 years of success.

RTC constantly stays up to date with Federal and State regulations. We provide workshops and seminars throughout America, and have sold over 150,000 books, forms, and CDs for healthcare professionals.

RTC Resources include books for care plans and programs, documentation solutions, computer-ready forms, and invigorating program ideas. More than 12,000 RTC books are on the desktops of healthcare professionals across the country and internationally .

RTC Training includes keynotes, workshops, seminars and web-based education for health and elder care professionals nationwide. Michele Nolta is an experienced presenter and educator for all care providers including executive directors and administrators, nurses and caregivers, recreation therapists and activity directors.

RTC Consulting is provided to culture change and healthcare organizations, retirement communities, and skilled nursing centers. We have developed a consultant network comprised of therapeutic recreation specialists and activity professionals who work as consultants and educators nationwide.

In an era when elder care policies and mandates are constantly being changed and updated, RTC’s continual upgrading of existing products reflects our company’s ongoing commitment to delivering creative, powerful, and robust solutions for healthcare professionals.

About Michele Nolta

Michele Nolta is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist who has worked throughout her career to improve the lives of older adults. She is the founder and owner of RTC, Recreation Therapy Consultants, located in San Diego, CA since 1986 . Michele has a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration from San Diego State University. She writes books and professional articles, designs forms and DVDs, provides consultation services, teaches classes, and presents educational sessions nationwide.

Michele Nolta’s professional consultation services include coaching, education, and person-directed care for the national movement called culture change. She has credentials and certifications as an educator and as a recreation, activity and dementia specialist. Michele is known for staying up to date with Federal and State regulations. She has traveled extensively to teach healthcare professionals in more than 32 states.  Michele has provided education and inspiration to hundreds of care communities and has written bestselling books for the long term care profession.





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