Activity Inspiration, Purpose and Objectives:

Most of us become enthused and animated when we talk about our favorite foods! Celebrity Chef makes the most of those high spirits as we invite different staff members to prepare their favorite recipes for the entertainment and tasting pleasure of all of the resident, family and staff participants.

A great way to introduce Celebrity Chef as a new activity program is to demonstrate Celebrity Chef during a staff in-service. This has been a successful way for many care centers to begin to define activities as a responsibility for all staff.


An electric skillet, electric wok, electric burner, range-top burner, toaster oven, grilling oven, or bread machine all in a safe location, with safe electrical cording.


Depending on the recipe selected the ingredients will vary. Work with staff to select recipes for ease and safety of preparation and cultural interest. All food items and utensils must be handled and cleaned according to all dietary department requirements. Equipment and materials must be under direct staff observation at all times.

Program in Detail:

  • Assemble onto a cart or tray all of the required equipment and materials.
  • Set up equipment and materials within reach and for ease of preparation.
  • Introduce the Celebrity Chef Staff Person and announce the recipe and the purpose of the program to interested participants.
  • During preparation and while heating or cooking items, describe the “recipe” and procedures while providing discussion to call attention to the scents, stir and bring forward reminiscences, ask questions and incite discussion. Imagine the descriptions, discussions and actions of Julie Child, Martha Stewart or “Cooking Channel” personalities!
  • Depending upon dietary needs of the participants, taste portions might be served or offered for their enjoyment.
  • Conclude program with complete clean up of all items.


All electrical, hot, or sharp equipment, and edible materials must be used with careful attention.

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