A culture change coach promotes improved opportunities for resident choice, life quality and daily satisfaction. A culture change coach encourages the staff to make ongoing, sustainable and effective changes in the care center. A culture change coach makes use of interactive exercises, learning sessions, consultation, enthusiasm, inspiration, and provides selected resources and materials.

RTC consultants help nursing homes and culture change organizations to:

  • custom-design trainings or manuals for all care disciplines
  • facilitate phone or in-person meetings
  • support homes to organize and support their own culture change leaders

*The National Movement Called Culture Change
Culture change advocates envision communities in which people live according to their own preferences, feel connected to their wider communities, and remain more engaged in life. Culture change represents a movement toward new models for improved elder living and medical care. Rehabilitation centers now feel like a stay in a fine hotel or a rejuvenating resort spa. Care centers are being organized like neighborhoods and private homes. Nursing homes are becoming places that people want to live in, recuperate in, and work in. Culture change, for the long-term care profession, is a term that represents a movement away from the institutional, efficiency-oriented, medical model that characterized nursing home care in the United States since the 1950’s.

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