Correspondence Cart

Activity Inspiration, Purpose and Objectives:

For many people who are staying or living in a rehabilitation center or a nursing home, keeping in touch with friends and family is very important. The Correspondence Cart provides the support, assistance, materials and equipment for writing and sending cards or letters.


The correspondence cart looks nice with baskets of organized materials arranged on a small portable cart that can be taken from one person to the next.
Materials: An assortment of cards, donated or handmade, envelopes, pens, writing paper and postage stamps are basic materials. Participants will often request cards or materials of specific types.

Program in Detail:

  1. Assemble onto a cart, tray, or basket all of the desired materials.
  2. Introduce the intent of the cart to each individual and ask in a variety of ways if they would like supplies or assistance with any kind of correspondence.
  3. Even when participants do not have anyone in mind to send mail to, they might be encouraged to send a letter to a serviceman overseas, a student or another care center resident.
  4. Assist participants as per their practical, physical or cognitive needs.
  5. Compliment accomplishments and follow through with participant requests.

Birthday Ambassador

Activity Inspiration, Purpose and Objectives:

A birthday is a time to celebrate a person’s birth and life. Preferences for how one wishes to celebrate a birthday is as varied as people in the world.


A convenient list of birthdays


Depending on individual preferences the needed materials will vary.

Program in Detail:

  1. Approximately one month prior to the first day of each month, review a listing of upcoming birthdays to be celebrated. If an individual has already made it clear that they request no birthday celebrations ensure respect for that request.
  2. Plan time to spend some time one-on-one with each individual to talk to them about the staff’s interest in celebrating their special day.
  3. Ask the individual to think about what they might like best for their birthday. Make suggestions or encourage ideas with varied questions. Consider who they might most like to hear greeting from, what was one of their most favorite birthday surprises or favorite gifts, their favorite breakfast, dinner or dessert, their favorite flower, or special treats they enjoy like getting their hair done, a manicure or massage.
  4. Use the resource of the staff team to serve as interviewers and wish full fillers and deliver birthday greetings or wishes with sincerity on each person’s special day.


If an individual has already made it clear that they request no birthday celebrations ensure respect for that request.

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