Care Plans

MDS 3.0 Care Plan Cookbook for Preferences and Activities – 6th Edition

Now includes care plan “templates” for faster, easier care plan individualization. Just select the best care plan for each Resident, make a copy and personalize using check boxes and added notes. Care plans have been developed specifically for Section F and the OBRA regulations. All care plans are coded for MDS 3.0 and Care Area Assessment (CAA) coordination. Includes updated exhibits with glossary, abbreviation guide, and CMS CAAs.

The MDS 3.0 Psychosocial Care Plan Almanac – 2nd Edition

Now includes care plan “templates” for faster, easier care plan individualization. Social service staff can use the “Almanac” to select the best care plan for a Resident, make a copy and personalize using check boxes and individualized entries. Care plans have been developed and organized specifically for the MDS 3.0 and Care Area Assessment (CAA) coordination. Includes extensive exhibits with glossaries and CMS CATs and CAAs.

A Care Plan Guide for Person Centered Dementia Care (Available in January 2018)

A Care Plan Guide for Person Centered Dementia Care CoverThe Care Plan Guide for Person Centered Dementia Care provides to Activity & Caregiver Professionals who work with people living with Dementia:

  • A comprehensive dementia care resource
  • Innovative and practical Ideas to manage behavioral based needs associated with dementia
  • Over 55 care-plan samples addressing common behavioral symptoms related to dementia
  • Creative interdisciplinary approaches that will assist with meeting resident goals

Prior edition formally known as the “The Dementia Care Plan Dictionary” by Recreation Therapy Consultants RTC, Michele Nolta

Training Sessions

Redefining Activities for Rehab Residents- A one hour continuing education PowerPoint with Audio DVD

Cover-of-Redefining-Activities-for-Rehab-ResidentsRecreation and activity professionals often hear new patients say “I won’t be staying here very long!” Many skilled nursing facilities have increasing numbers of patients moving in for only short-term rehabilitative stays. Recreation and activity programs need to be re-designed to meet these changing needs. In this learning session we will take a look at the changing demographics and consider some ways in which recreation and activity professionals can shift their perspectives and programs to re-define activities. This session is preapproved for one hour of continuing education by NAAPCC. A completion certificate is available by mail or email after the session evaluation is completed by each participant.


The Enrichment Sensory Program – 2nd Edition

Meet the needs of patients and residents who have minimal responses to sensory stimuli. The “ESP book” includes everything you need for 52 weeks of programs or room visits: shopping lists for affordable, seasonal sensory items, reproducible sensory documentation forms, procedures and guidelines, a full collection of ready-to-read-aloud monologues, in-service tips, a planning calendar, and sensory ideas to improve the entire care center environment.


Album for Activity Compliance (2 Volumes)

This policy and procedure manual for skilled nursing care centers includes policies, procedures, programs and forms to meet the OBRA Activity Interpretive Guides. RTC’s Album is sold as a 2 book package. Volume 1, the 3-ring binder can be tailored to serve as your activity department policy and procedure manual in just minutes. Volume 2, a paperback, soft-bound volume helps you and your team to understand the regulations and interpretive guidelines.

MDS Interview Guidebook, Section F – Preference for Customary Routine and Activities

The Guidebook assists recreation and activity professionals, nurses, social service, MDS, and admission coordinators to understand, practice and conduct resident interviews for Section F of the MDS 3.0 according to CMS intent. The guidebook includes in-services, scripts, tips & techniques, culture change connections, and reproducible forms for visual cuing.


Printable Forms Library CD

cover2011Click,Print,Quick_cover-NewLogo-thumbA computer CD of forms for activity professionals. This MDS 3.0 version has over 70 forms for recreation and activity departments. Popular RTC forms include MDS 3.0 designed resident assessment forms for short-term and extended-stays, check-box progress note forms, assisted living and dementia care assessment forms, volunteer application and orientation pages, quality assurance tools, resident council minutes, departmental communication forms and much more. All can be printed from your desktop computer and printer. This CD of forms saves you time and money.




Licensed electronic use of RTC documentation forms is available- send us an email to learn more!

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